Maybe it’s a Renoir, maybe a Velvet Elvis. Most likely, it’s something in between. The right piece of art can transform a room from an empty space into an enriching experience. It has the power to stimulate the intellect, ignite passions, calm nerves and capture imaginations. When done right, art is not just seen, but felt. It makes a statement that says something about you. I make sure that "something" is exactly what you want to say.

I enjoy working with my clients, whether large corporations, small businesses or individual home owners in a collaborative manner to find fresh and unique artwork that truly expresses their culture and personality. I work with architects, building owners, managers, or interior designers to develop solutions that make each environment more meaningful. Being an independent consultant with no ties to any artist or studio allows me the freedom to look in any direction to achieve your vision. For nearly 20 years I've used my knowledge, experience and attention to detail to create interior solutions that are truly memorable and tailored to fit your needs and budget.